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Why your website is a dud

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Why your website is a dud

Ok, so here is how most conversations I have with business owners goes when they hear I’m a designer.


“Oh cool, do you do websites”

“Sure, why do you want one?”

“Ummm, because everyone has one”

I hate hearing this. If everyone had chronic diarrhea would they want that too, presumably not. If you look around the web, there are squillions of business websites, the vast majority of them set up entirely wrong. Sure they perform a function, mainly of telling the world about your business, but is that really worth the $X per year you pay in hosting and domain registration ? In my opinion, if you are in business, there should only be one reason to have a website.


Here’s how I see it. A website should be conceived and set up with one goal in mind – conversion. Now I don’t mean of the AFL variety, I mean converting a site browser into a paying customer. This means supplying your site visitor with the information they need, then gently ushering them along to perform a certain action. That action can vary, from filling in a sign up form for a ‘free’ download or filling out a contact form to get in touch with them, whatever it might be, it allows you to market to them, either immediately or further down the track. This is gold dust.

If your website is not taking every possible opportunity to get the viewer to the contact page and get them to make contact, then your site is a dud. Your site is costing your money where it could be earning you money. Your site has the potential to be your most effective, always on, 24/7 sales person that never phones in sick, never spends ages having a smoko with Sharron out the back or checking it’s facebook status. Consistent leads coming in, ready for you to get back to a waiting potential customer to crush it with your practiced and super effective sales chat, now that, is what a website is all about.

If this sounds like your site, excellent stuff, you are in the 1% of Aussie businesses killing it online. If this isn’t you, just get in touch, let’s get you sorted.

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