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Why Small Businesses Need Explainer Videos To Engage Customers?

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Why Small Businesses Need Explainer Videos To Engage Customers?

The business logics and working constraints that apply to small enterprises and start-ups are pretty different and complex as compared to large scale business houses. For a small business, every penny being spent on marketing and brand promotions needs to be justified in terms of exact quantifiable value that it has been able to generate for the enterprise. Limited resources often make small business owners sceptical about innovative and tech-based marketing techniques which may seem to be a frivolous investment to them. One option that may seem to be dicey at first but holds massive potential for you to engage with customers and enhance turnover, is an explainer video. Let’s find out why:


The biggest challenge for a small business is to communicate the fact that the value proposition they are offering to customers is actually better than what is available in the market. The attention span of customers these days is extremely small, simply because in a just matter of seconds, they can find a substitute product or service on the net. This creates a very limited window for a small business to communicate their brand values and USPs to convince the audience and gain conversions. Explainer videos offer a highly communicative and engaging means of connecting with website visitors and potential customers. Visuals and sound are so much more communicative and impactful than written words when it comes to managing customer conversions. These videos can get your point across in a neat, crisp and effective manner and ensure that a visitor knows what you have to offer, so they are able to make a more informed purchase decision.


Explainer videos are also helpful for small businesses in the way that they can be the perfect user guide for your products/services. These enterprises usually do not have the requisite resources to maintain a full-fledged customer service department for managing user queries. These videos can explain all the tricky features related to your product, answer FAQs and provide requisite information to enhance user experience in a short, yet highly communicative presentation. This helps reduce grievances and ensures that customers feel better cared for.


So you see, every small business should consider investing in creating explainer videos to create a flawless customer engagement experience. What do you think?

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