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Why Every Business Needs a Creative Animated Explainer Video?

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Why Every Business Needs a Creative Animated Explainer Video?

There’s a ton of reasons why you should be talking with your marketing team right now about producing your company’s very own explainer video in Sydney, and today, we’ll talk about five of them. These points will convince you to jump on the bandwagon and create an explainer video for our business.

  1. Consumers are looking for quick and effective solutions

Having explainer videos that show how exactly you can help them is a great way to win them. Most consumers would rather watch a one to two-minute video that visually explains your business instead of reading your content. This is because videos are faster and tend to present information in organised chunks.

  1. Explainer videos are easier to understand

Watching and hearing someone explain what your business is can minimise misinterpretations or misunderstandings. Your explainer videos can make sure that viewers will understand and grasp your message. Remember: Most consumers trust brands that clearly and easily introduce themselves.

  1. Increase your search visibility

Today, stale websites that feature only texts and images aren’t enough to pass Google’s standards for an expert, authoritative, and trustworthy content. Want to improve your search engine ranking? Having an explainer video in Sydney can help boost your page rank. It can optimise your website and pull your rankings up, driving more visitors and improving your exposure.

  1. They make a lasting impact

Explainer videos in Sydney are better marketing materials than images and texts because they target visual and auditory sensory perceptions at the same time. By engaging the senses, a video can make your brand easier to remember. If you have done well in creating a compelling and entertaining explainer video, then you can make a lasting impact on your audience. This may lead to conversion.

  1. Shareable

People share content with others through different platforms that they find to be interesting and appealing. Video explainers are more likely to be shared far and wide with as many people as possible, especially if they are formatted to be viewed on various platforms and devices.

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