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how to make your website into your greatest salesperson

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how to make your website into your greatest salesperson

Let me give you a scenario, you can tell me if it sounds familiar. You have a website, you’re not sure how many visitors you get, a few you think. You get the occasional enquiry in via the site and some of them bring in new business. You don’t remember the last time you updated the content on the site and you don’t know if you are linked to any other sites, or them to you?

Does this sound familiar? I’m sure for some of you it does.

For many Australian businesses their websites are just another expense. The hosting, the domain name, the email, it’s all a bill that arrives every year. What is your site doing to benefit the business? If you are thinking of something like “everyone has a website, I need one too” then you are on the wrong path. Your site, like every asset of your company, should be working for you. If your site is not working for you, then it’s just a liability, another bill to be paid. Wouldn’t you rather your site was generating you cash rather than costing you. I’m sure you would, read on dear fellow !

Your website has the potential to be your greatest sales person. To get in more leads than Steve, Lisa or whoever you have on sales could ever do. Your website will not sleep, not nip out the back for a smoko break every 30 minutes and certainly not call in sick Monday morning only to make a Lazarus like recovery and turn up fresh faced on Tuesday. It’s always on, always working. If you help it to.

If you have a site, you are already ahead of the 55.4% of Australian businesses that don’t. Did you see that number! Over half of the countries businesses are not online, not opening up their storefront to an audience of 23 million Aussies. Over 83% of Australians regularly use the internet, but yet these businesses aren’t even in front of them, that’s like half of the marathon runners in the Sydney marathon not showing up, it exponentially increases your chances of getting seen.

It’s not enough though to just have a site. You need to have (A) a site that looks good, ie: that wasn’t designed by your neighbours young daughter in Microsoft paint or something horrendous like that (B) create engaging sales copy that makes your visitors want to actually buy from you (C) target your site towards converting the visitor and giving you the opportunity to nail the sale and get the cash in.

If you do these 3 things, you will be well on the way to having a site that not only looks good (first impressions are vitally important, most site users stay on a page less than 3 seconds and on a site for only 15 seconds, so time is off the essence here, impress immediately or they are goneski), but also converts well. Conversion is your ultimate aim. It brings the customers in, cash in hand, this is what you want. So when someone asks you do you have a website, you no longer need to think about your crappy site that just sits there costing you money, you can smirk at them in the knowledge that you have a cash making machine working 24/7 behind the scenes, and you don’t even have to pay it any super. Perfect.

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