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Understanding the Different Types of Logo Designs in Brisbane

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Understanding the Different Types of Logo Designs in Brisbane

A logo, being a representation of a brand, can take many forms, shapes, character, and personalities. It could be as simple as a name set in a particular type phase, a symbolic mark, or a combination of words and images. Whether you choose a word or image-driven logo or a blend of both, one rule of thumb you should remember when designing a brand logo is that it should be symbolic of who you are and/or what you want to become as a business. Logos are such important branding tools because they are usually the first image that comes to people’s mind when thinking about your company.


There are several different types of logos that you can choose from, depending on the kind of image you wish to portray about your business:


  • Wordmark – Wordmarks could be a free-standing word or group of words that are uniquely styled to represent a brand or business. They are also known as logotypes, which are set in stylized or decorated text or characteristic typeface spelling out the brand or company name. They are best known for their impact and legibility. Some great examples of wordmarks include the Google and eBay logos.


  • Letterform – Letterforms are single letters which serve as mnemonic devices for the company name they represent. A good example of a letterform is McDonalds’ double arches (M) logo, which also uses a degree of symbolism, as well as being a mnemonic for the company name.


  • Emblem – Emblems are distinctive marks that combine text and pictorial elements to form a recognisable brandmark. These types of logos are great for making a lasting mark in the hearts and minds of consumers, such as the case with Harley Davidson’s trademark.


  • Pictorial mark – Pictorial marks are images that don’t require type or text for recognition. These are iconic images that have been stylized or simplified in a unique way to represent a brand. A great example of a pictorial mark is the Apple logo.
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