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Tips To Create An Attractive Brochure Design For Companies In Sydney

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Tips To Create An Attractive Brochure Design For Companies In Sydney

Good brochures are informative and visually interesting representations of what your business has to offer. They have long-lasting power because customers typically don’t toss out materials that look and feel nice. And yes—brochures are still relevant in this digital publishing world. Paper marketing remains practical and effective. It certainly pays to work with a professional provider of brochure design in Sydney, but it’s also important to know what makes a brochure compelling so that you can be an active participant in the design process. Here are some of the key principles and fundamentals of brochure design.

  1. Identify your goal and strategy.

What do you want your brochure to do? Do you want people to call your office, go to your website, sign up for something on the spot? Once your goal is clear, identify your audience. Write down your key messages, and then decide on a budget. Having a preliminary strategy can help you stay organised and ensure that the finished product is truly aligned with your goal. Proper planning also saves money and time while saving you from frustration down the road. It can also make your first meeting with the provider of brochure design in Sydney so much more productive.

  1. Keep imagery consistent.

If custom illustrations or photography don’t quite fit your budget, it’s okay to use stock photos. Your brochure designer in Sydney can help you choose images with a common thread. This does not only ensure a polished result but also builds brand consistency.

  1. Select legible typefaces and font sizes.

Your brochure designer can help you with this, but it’s nice to be familiar with typeface and font principles, too. Main copy sections typically use body fonts, while headlines or titles can use display fonts. Limit the number of fonts to two font families, all compatible with each other. Serifs and sans serifs can work well together, providing contrast.

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