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The Impact of Explainer Video Services on Your Website

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The Impact of Explainer Video Services on Your Website

A business website is a marketing and customer outreach tool. In fact, quite often, it is a product as well, even though most business owners do not realise it. As a tool, it draws in customers who are interested in what you have to sell. A well-designed website is also a platform to provide live customer service for certain products and services. For a number of technology services, a website can also function as a live product demonstration. For all these reasons and more, you need to ensure that your website is actually working for you–generating business and getting the word out.


The best way to boost your website’s performance is with explainer videos. Here is a quick look at the impact of a professionally created video from an Explainer Video Service can have on your website.


Raise Search Engine Page Rank: Explainer videos can be put anywhere on your website but are most effective on the landing page or home page. However, if you have multiple products, you could also consider individual videos for each. SEO and explainer videos work together and raise your page rank significantly.


Engage Visitors: If you keep your videos short and interesting, they will serve this purpose. An explainer video service understands that an explainer video is not just an advertisement. They can create an engaging video that draws in visitors and lays out the benefits of your product in simple terms. With well-placed CTAs, this leads directly to higher conversion rates.


Increase On-Page Time: A good explainer video will mean that visitors will spend more time on your website, increasing the chances of generating leads and conversion. On-Page time is an important metric used by search engines to determine page rank as well.


Introduce Complex Products: Explainer videos are perfect for describing complex concepts and products. Professional explainer videos services can simplify your campaign with an outline of the need and the benefits of your product.


Generate Awareness: A good explainer video service will create the perfect marketing pitch in two minutes or less. Even if a visitor does not choose to buy your product, they will still be able to talk about it with their friends and colleagues. This is a direct boost to generating awareness about your product, the website, and your brand.

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