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Telling your company story

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Telling your company story

Humans, by their nature are an inquisitive bunch. We love seeing behind the scenes, how things work, the thinking behind an idea. Just look at all the fly on the wall TV out there at the moment, we love a good sticky at what others are up to.

There are lots and lots and lots of Aussie businesses out there with really cool stories to tell. Why not let your customers in on your story, you will find there will be many who will be interested. Video is probably the best way to do it, creating a nice little movie telling your story, the path you went about to setting up the business and what keeps you coming back day in day out, that kind of thing. Of course you can do it by word and photo if you are a bit camera shy, but it won’t have half the impact that a video could.

Check out this clip all about¬†William Amer, a letterpress printer and instructor based in Rockley NSW. It’s such a beautifully presented piece, you can almost smell the ink and you get a real sense for his care and attention to what he does. How do you think a video like this would work for your business. Could you picture interested clients watching it and really getting a sense for the passion you put into your work. Sure, some topics are more interesting than others, but every business has a story to tell, it might be worth considering telling yours.

Video by Of Two Lands

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