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Unique, one off websites for your one off business.

Our web design and web development for small business is second to none. We understand exactly what small Australian businesses need from their sites – high converting websites that will pay for themselves, that don’t cost the earth. We focus on not just how the site looks, but it’s ultimate goal, and that is to bring you more business.

I want my site to make me money

Unfortunately for Australian website design, the vast majority of Aussie businesses have terrible websites. It seems in Australia the standard of website design isn’t great. Well, we would like to remedy this. There is a common misconception that good-looking web design is very expensive, well this isn’t necessarily true. At Pixelo Design, we offer excellent quality design, but at a price small – medium sized Australian businesses can afford.

Not only that, but our websites are all one offs. Many companies will offer templated sites, but your business isn’t templated, so why should your website be. We like to offer our customers one off sites that we can tie in to the identity of their business. Your website should be acting as your 24/7 sales representative online, not just a fancy site for the occasional visitor to peruse.

When setting up a site there are several factors to consider. These are things like, what do you want from your site, do you intend it to sell a product, act as a portfolio for your offline products/services or simply give information about your company. A good website will draw potential customers in, but not only that, and this is the key part, a good website will give them the information and the incentive to get in touch with you, or convert as it’s known in the trade.

A good site that has a high conversion rate is a potential goldmine for your business. Think of it as your lowest paid salesperson, that is on call 24/7 365 days a year, pulling in business from all over the web. With a well targeted SEO plan (search engine optimization) we can get you not only found on the internet, but ranked at the very top for your line of work in Australia and pulling any potential customers that are searching for your terms online.

So, if you would not only like your Australian business to look good online, but to convert well and pull in the visitors, you need to get in touch with Pixelo Design.

Pixelo provides the best in website design for Aussie small – medium sized businesses.

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We make awesome looking websites. Regardless of how big your business is, we make you look big and more importantly, we make you look professional.


Ease of use, flow of navigation and a bunch of other variables go into making our super easy to use websites. Our sites are intuitive and user friendly.


This is where most websites fall down. Without a high converting site, what is the point. All of our websites are designed with customer conversion as the ultimate goal.


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Aussie business owners understand the importance of squeezing every last drop of value out of their hard earned dollars.


A good website can be pivotal for a small Australian business. There are so many sites out there that either look terrible or function terribly, both of which put the would be customer off. Pixelo specialise in creating websites for small businesses that look great, are super easy to use and most importantly, push customers towards that one pivotal action – getting in touch. It is this click, know as a conversion that can bring in lots of new customers to your business and get your website firing as a real asset, instead of just another company expense.

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