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Small Business Logo Design Services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth

Are you looking for a company that can help your small business look great? Having an awesome logo design is the starting point for all of your other business collateral. A logo design company in Sydney can help your business to gain brand visibility. Your logo design dictates how all of your marketing material looks, from fonts used to colours and style, it all starts with a truly wonderful logo design, and we at Pixelo, are here to help you with just that.

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Small Business Logo Design Services in Sydney – Pixelo Design

The Very Best In Logo Design For Your Business

Pixelo Design is a professional logo design company in Sydney and Brisbane. We specialise in creating unique logo designs for our Australian clients. Having a stand out logo is the starting point in brand recognition and helping your clients, and potential clients, pick you out of the crowd. Your entire branding look and feel is dictated by your logo, as it sets out colour, fonts and overall styling – so it’s imperative to get it right.


Your logo is the first point of contact. The initial impression you only have one chance at. Some brands get it to spot on the first time, others put forward a less than perfect logo and have to make it up elsewhere, either through an excellent product or top quality customer service. With a Pixelo logo, we put you off to the best start possible, the rest….is up to you.


The logo designed at Pixelo Design is more than just the image of your company. We aim to provide you with designs that reflect the work you have put into building your business, the passion that drove you hour after hour to make the company as successful as possible. Our designs strike a note with clients and stick in their memory.

Investing in a top quality logo will not only make your business look better, but it will also improve how others think of your company. A business that spends money on its appearance is meticulous and conscious of what others think. Would you rather be the person in the suit or the one slouching around in a tracksuit? Who do you think your clients would want to do business with?

Our designers specialise in creating the top quality logos for Australian businesses. Our creative professionals have made Pixelo one of the best logo design company in Brisbane and Sydney. Why not get in touch and see how we can create one for yours?


We are all ears & take your brief into consideration to mould the perfect logo for your needs.


We create a selection of designs for your consideration, then focus in on your preferred choice.


Once completed, we supply you with the final logopack, so you are covered for both online and print needs.


Make the perfect first impression

Before you even put in all of the efforts of starting a company, like building it up and taking on the clients, you first need to be sure you look the part. Hiring a good logo design company in Brisbane and Sydney can help you gain an edge over your competitors. The number of companies out there with poor grade logos is staggering, so you don’t need to do all that much to get ahead in terms of looks. Setting your branding at the start sends a clear message to prospective clients that you are concerned about how you look and are willing to invest not only in your own business but in your image and how you are perceived.

Your logo is like the face of your business, something that people will initially see and will base their first opinions on. After first impressions, it is down to the company to further enhance the potential customers experience with excellent customer service, good pricing and a host of other methods.

Our job is to make that first impression as impressive as possible. We want you to stand out from the litany of other Aussie companies out there. We want to make sure you look professional most importantly, that you are a legit business worthy of the customer’s investment. The other traits we aim to convey change on a case by case basis, according to what the Australian business in question wishes to convey. For example, if we asked to design a logo for a Sydney based dental practice the feel of the logo might be bright and clean while giving a friendly feel. On the other hand, if we are asked to design for one of the IFSC based financial firms, the theme might be more traditional, giving a sense of longevity, history and giving customers the feeling that their money is safe as the institution is well established and solid.

Having your logo drawn up by your 14-year-old nephew is a big no (unless he is pretty crash hot at design). What you need to do is to hire a professional logo design company in Brisbane and Sydney that will portray your company for what it is, an Australian company with expertise in your chosen line of work. You have spent a lot of time in your company, so let us make sure it looks good.

Logo design in Sydney, Brisbane and other major cities of Australia has seen something of a renaissance in recent years with the standard rising considerably. Use of traditional fonts, clever design along with a general improvement in the standard have all contributed to an improvement in the options businesses have for their logo design. We have experience in branding companies in 3 continents, with hundreds of logo designs created to satisfy a vast array of customer’s needs.

So, if you are thinking to hire a company for professional logo design in Sydney, Brisbane or any other city in Australia, get in touch with us let us hear your ideas. It’s always fun to hear what a client has in their head, sometimes we make our own suggestions and from there the design takes on a life of its own, culminating in your final, finished logo design.

Pixelo Design offers various services like professional business card designs for your company, attractive graphic designs, annual report design for your company and colourful and stunning brochure designs plus more.

So, drop us a mail and let’s if we can get you fixed up with the perfect logo design for your brand.

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We listen to your needs. This is your logo, so it’s essential that we get all the info we can to give you the best results.


We create a range of designs based on your brief, narrowing it down until we hit the jackpot.


We present you with the finished logo design pack, in a whole range of formats you can use for web, print and anything else you could possible need.


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Initial impressions are vital, make sure you get your logo design spot on


It’s exciting times, starting and growing a new company and all the trials & tribulations that come with it. To make sure your business stands out in todays busy marketplace, you are going to need a logo design that makes you look great, that’s where we come in. Pixelo can offer your company awesome logo design at a realistic price your small business can afford. We create slick professional designs perfectly suited to print and online use, so you are guaranteed of only the highest quality every time your logo is reproduced. So if you are interested in having your business look it’s very best, get in touch with Pixelo and let’s get you sorted.

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