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Corporate & Business Brochures in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth

Having a quality website is essential these days, but with all this online stuff going on, it’s important not to forget the reliable company brochure. Not everyone wants to be staring at a screen all the time, so it is really great when you can hand a customer a glossy, well produced company brochure.

At Pixelo Design, we provide top-notch service of brochure design in Sydney, Brisbane and major cities of Australia. We have the skills to present your company in the best possible light, at a price you can well afford.

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Corporate & Business Brochures in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth – Pixelo Design

Create a lasting impression with a professional brochure design

Never underestimate the selling power of a professionally produced brochure. They can provide your prospective customer with background on your company, product / service breakdown and answers to typical questions. They also show clients that you are willing to spend on your image, that looks and perception are important to you and that you value how your business is conveyed to the public.


We produce top quality brochure designs for Sydney and Brisbane based Australian businesses. Couple this with our trade printers and the results are amazing.

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Our designs convey your business message in the best possible manner, and in the best possible style.


We make you look good. So often overlooked by businesses, professional brochure design can make all the difference.


We produce high end brochure designs, at prices you can afford

At Pixelo, we produce professional standard brochures, custom crafted to inform and appeal to prospective clients. Our skilled designers listen to your brief, and custom make your new brochure to your exact needs.

Based on your needs, we craft the layout, copy and design to best portray your company and it’s message. We have designed brochures both at home & abroad, for a myriad of business types, so are sure to know what will work best for your company.

For many companies, brochure design can be a key part of their overall marketing strategy. Having a physical item to hand over to potential clients can be a big draw in convincing them to do business with you. An excellently design & printed brochure could mean the difference between your company landing that contract or it going to the slicker looking competitors.

So why would you need a brochure if you have a website? Well, there are a few good reasons. Brochures allow you to print in glorious, high resolution colour. While websites are great, they can’t touch a really nicely designed brochure for class and style. Having a nicely designed brochure tells the potential client that you are willing to invest in your brand, not only in getting the information across, but in its appearance. Everyone wants to look good, the same applies for your company. Hence, hiring a company which provides the service of brochure design in Brisbane, Sydney or other Australian cities is always a good idea. Pixelo Design have designed brochures for a whole host of different businesses. From pharmaceutical brochure design to brochure design for construction companies, real estate brochure design and everything in between, you name it and we have done it.

Pixelo Design have designed brochures for a whole host of different businesses. From pharmaceutical brochure design to brochure design for construction companies, real estate brochure design and everything in between, you name it and we have done it.

Planning a brochure that will connect with your potential clients can be tricky. It’s important to consider things from your clients point of view. It’s not so much what you can offer, as it’s likely there are many companies out there that can offer the same, it’s what needs of the customer you can fulfil and how you can add value to their business in general.

Adding value is a key point as this allows clients to view your company as a key component for their business. What you provide them, improves their company and one of the best ways to do this is with a well-presented brochure showcasing your work. Brochures allow you to present your work to would be clients in a graphically pleasing and professional manner.

Brochures, once completed can be hosted online, in a flipbook format, ideal for emailing to clients or hosting on your website. This keeps costs low as there is now printing or mailing involved. The alternative and more impressive method is to print the brochures designs in Sydney, Australia. A well-made brochure speaks volumes about your business, stating you are willing to put money into your presentation and like a good suit, makes an impression.

Pixelo Design offers services like attractive graphic designs, creative animated explainer videos for your company, professional business cards and various other services.

So, drop us a mail and we can get started on producing a tailor made professional brochure for your company.

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Producing top quality brochure designs is what we do. From overall design, sourcing stock imagery and everything in between, we do it all.


Understanding the information presented is imperative to the success of your brochure. We make sure the message is clear.


All of our brochure designs are finalized ready for print, we even throw in a free online version so you can easily mail them to your clients.


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We produce agency standard brochure design for Australian small businesses, at a price that won’t melt your card !


Being able to leave your customers with something tangible that they can flick through at their leisure can give you a big advantage over your competitors. Producing an impressive brochure design speaks volumes about your company and the fact that you are willing to invest in your brands presentation. Once the preserve of the big companies, with our help you can now produce a world class brochure, for a small business price. We can look after everything for you, from design to imagery, content writing and even printing. So if you are interested in boosting the image and impression your company leaves, why not get in touch with us, you will be glad you did.

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Brochure Design for Australian Small Businesses – Pixelo Design

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