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Important Facets of a Well-designed Logo

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Important Facets of a Well-designed Logo

Prospects generally form opinions about the business in the first few minutes of interaction, either through an entity, at a physical outlet or at the website.  Since the first impression counts most towards the chances of the prospect turning into a client, it is important to be able to win the prospect. And a logo certainly plays a very important role. The logo in combination with other aspects of the business portrays a powerful message to the prospect. Here is what you need to know about the importance of a well-designed logo.


Top of mind recall

After a prospect has decided to use the services or the products of the business, it is always the logo that will be easily remembered. Names of businesses may sound alike, leaving a distinct log to help on top of mind recall. Some of the most famous brands in business boast of the most remembered logos. This is because of the power of the human mind to able to remember a different design and link it as a cue to a product or a service offering.


Represents the company’s services or products

A logo is not just a fancy creative. It represents the services or products of a business. The logo is therefore created with great care, to represent in a simple, yet appealing and distinct design, the services or products of the company. This makes it easy for the customer or client to easily recognize the products at some location and make the right choice. An indistinct logo or a confusing one will leave the client bewildered, ending up in the client choosing a product that may not belong to the intended business.


Uniform theme for use in stationery

A logo, in combination with other written content representing details of the company, is part of a uniform theme that is used in stationary or in digital form. Websites, banners, brochures, calling cards, pamphlets, mementoes etc., sports uniform colour and style making it easy for customers to remember while lending an official and stylish appearance to the visual material.


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