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How Explainer Videos In Sydney Are Gaining Popularity These Days?

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How Explainer Videos In Sydney Are Gaining Popularity These Days?

The preferences of web users are changing. The factors on which Google’s search algorithm evaluates websites and ranks them is changing too. A major emerging consideration here is the amount of time visitors stay on your website and how well they are able to connect with your brand. While content is definitely important when it comes to conveying your message on the web, even more powerful means exist to tell your story in a more creative and engaging way. This medium lets your audience establish an instant connection with your business philosophy and brand and ensures that they stay on your website for longer (having a favourable effect on your search ranking too!). These are Explainer Videos – a popular new format of online marketing in Sydney that you should definitely explore for your business.

One may wonder exactly why explainer videos are becoming so popular in the online marketing world. What makes them so effective in generating results? In short, explainer videos:

  • Increase conversion rates as they are amazingly effective in getting your website’s visitors to understand what you have to offer them.
  • Are more engaging, simply because these videos share your ideas and message in a short, concise and attractive audio visual medium rather than expressing the same through long winded written content.
  • Rank better with Google as they ensure visitors stay on your website for longer, thereby improving your website’s bounce rate and engagement statistics.
  • Help audience retain information better since an audio-visual mode of communication is proven to be more effective and impactful than written content and banners ads.
  • Liven up your pitch, because let’s face it – a paper pitch is just too boring to stand out! Today’s web user has a miniscule attention span and you simply cannot expect them to stick around on your sales page and read a 500-word long call-to-action. Explainer videos will fare better here!

The list of benefits of using explainer videos for your marketing strategy can go on and on. It the interest of cutting things short and keeping them precise, let’s put things simply here – Explainer Videos Rock! You should definitely get one made for your website/produce/service.

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