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How Explainer Videos Help Engage Customers

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How Explainer Videos Help Engage Customers

Here’s a fact: The average customer has a short attention span. So if you are still using walls of text to promoting your business online, you are probably losing a lot of customers. Why don’t you switch to explainer videos instead? Explainer videos are short and effective; they do an excellent job of keeping customers interested in what you are showing them. Their audio-visual nature makes them more engaging, too. The average brain is attracted to motion—which explains why YouTube is now the world’s second most used search engine and the third best social media site. By adding explainer videos into your marketing mix, you can attract customers and keep them interested.


Explainer videos do not only engage customers—they can help you build a consistent image for your brand, too. When used for branding, a great video can present a consistent message while delivering coherent information to your target market. One way to do this is by focusing the content on explaining the benefits of a product or service rather than producing a demo. You can use visuals, language, and content that is based on your branding goals, too, then create a call to action that will tell the audience what to do next.


A good explainer video lets you deliver a powerful and clear message that is easier to understand. Think of it as a short and effective sales pitch. The words are presented with visual elements through motion graphics or animation, making key ideas easier to remember. Videos have been proven to enhance a viewer’s understanding, so they can be very helpful when you have a highly technical or complex service or product to promote. Even a short 30-second video can already do wonders in engaging your customers as long as it is done correctly. They key is to hire a seasoned and creative company to do your explainer video.

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