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Here’s why Your Explainer Video Should Tell a Story

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Here’s why Your Explainer Video Should Tell a Story

Videos are effective tools of communication, but just because you’ve put out a video campaign doesn’t necessarily mean your message will sell. For videos to work, they must be presented in a compelling and powerful manner and one of the best ways to ensure that your explainer video will be effective is to tell a story with it. This is especially true now that video explainers are widespread across the World Wide Web.


Storytelling is a powerful explainer video approach simply because it is a human nature to tell and to hear good stories. Good storytelling takes viewers and listeners on a journey towards understanding and empathy. Getting people to understand and empathise with your message is a fool-proof way to get the response you want from them; that is following through your call to action. It is through creative storytelling that you create interest and maintain engagement throughout your explainer video. This gives you space and leverage to establish a strong emotional connection with your viewers. Thus, encouraging them to explore some more about what you have to offer.


Explainer videos are visual storytellers. They help explain your brand, product, service, and message in an easy to understand and memorable manner by characterising your brand and placing your characters in relatable situations. Telling your brand’s or product’s story allows you to create value and provide customer reasons to care about your offering. This value creation solidifies a need for your product or service. Moreover, storytelling adds an emotional layer to your message instead of being a plain and simple statement of facts and figures. This enhances your general appeal towards your target audience, making them more likely to listen and respond in a favourable manner to your value proposition. Explainer videos have greater power to persuade and influence when they tell a story.

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