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Graphic Design for charities

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Graphic Design for charities

Designing for charities can be both a tricky and rewarding business. On one hand you have the ever constant constraints of (very) closely guarded budgets, and on the other, the knowledge that your designs may be used for something really beneficial. Your design could help persuade a member of the public to donate to a life saving cause, a sick child or a myriad of other worthwhile causes. With that in mind it’s important to try to squeeze every last bit of value out for the charity in question.


The example below was create for Irish charity The Saint Vincent de Paul. The campaign was targeted towards a government conference addressing poverty in Ireland and what measures can be taken to combat it. The colour palette of the society was adhered to to further emphasise the branding message and quickly convey who the material was from.

Items such as brochure design for charities and annual reports for charities are a good way to add some colour and hopeful images to themes that can often be quite hard to swallow. Too many negative images can have the effect of numbing the viewer, so positive aspects are needed too, after all, with the correct donations, positive results are sure to follow.



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