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Explainer Videos in Australia – The Brand Synopsis

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Explainer Videos in Australia – The Brand Synopsis

Explainer videos are the disruptive marketing tools in the hands of  organisations.  Offering information through crisp videos, this format has emerged successful, riding on the back of increased bandwidth and internet speed.  It is an exciting and interesting change from length manuals and how-to instructions. Visual cues have always been the preferred learning tool and explainer videos have harnessed the power of graphic content.  Let us parse and understand how explainer videos help  organisations. 

Simple and effective introduction to new products or services

Explainer videos offer a simple and effective platform for introducing new services or products to clients who visit websites. Some clients may be aware of the products or services offered, but for some visitors, certain products or services may appear new, strange or challenging. Explainer videos demystify products and services.  And the best part of explainer videos is the richness of content. The videos get an additional boost by the inclusion of animation and sound tracks.

Perfect to pitch in social media

Social media has come to occupy a powerful position in marketing products and services.  Explainer videos developed on strong concepts and rendered creatively can be shared on all popular social media platforms at the click of an icon. And many videos are known to have turned viral across social media platforms. This makes it one of the most cost effective method of introducing products and services. All it needs is the initial boost, the catalyst to put it on a self-running engine on social media that will get shared repeatedly.

Animated explainer videos

Websites offer great service through animated explainer videos. These explainer videos pack in a lot of informative content in an easy to understand format. For instance, an explainer video that represents the internal workings of a machine may actually swing a client’s interest in the product. Or the information shared through other formats such as 2D animation, whiteboard animation, cut out animation or motion graphics can actually impress clients to make a decision.

Explainer videos help to create brand awareness in the most cost effective manner with a larger reach globally and can drive impressive traffic to the website and the organisation.

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