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Doing Business in Australia

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Doing Business in Australia

There are many, many, many places in the world that are worse to do business than Australia, many. That said, we still like to moan. The ATO buggered up my return, the insurance in through the roof rah rah rah, whatever it might be. In Canberra the Commission of Audit defended Australia on the world stage stating it was a great place to do business, referencing the highly obscure American think tank ‘The Heritage Foundation’ as their point of reference. Thanks Andrew Robb, how about referencing someone we actually know, like Forbes for examples. How does Oz do there, hmmm, 16th, far from as great as they make out, but not exactly a crappy market in Kabul either.

All in all I reckon Oz is a pretty dam good place to do business. Without an official recession in 22 years, things have been consistently good for most businesses. Very much a 2 speed economy, I’m not too sure how we would do if the mining was whipped away as in terms of production and exports, there are very few. Talking to friends of mine in Europe, I asked if they had ever seen a product with ‘Made in Australia’ on it, unfortunately they said they hadn’t, which is no great surprise really.

Moaning aside, for the day to day business person, Oz proves a really good place to ply your trade. Government side of things is remarkably efficient and trade is pretty brisk for most. Entrepreneurship is a little on the low side for comfort, so some government initiates there could really help. It could be worse, we could be in Guinea, those poor buggers are at the very bottom of the Forbes “Best countries in the world to do business”.

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