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Brochure Design in Australia – Follow These Tips Before You Print

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Brochure Design in Australia – Follow These Tips Before You Print

Apart from business cards, the company’s brochure is the most used print-based marketing material. Having a well-structured brochure helps you convey your message with flair and a sense of uniqueness. Alternatively, a poorly designed brochure will chase away potential buyers to the welcoming arms of your competitors.

Here are some tips and tactics before you print that will help you stand strong in the market.

  • Highlighted shapes give a call-out impact to the readers. Playing with shapes helps to put your message forward in a creative and effective manner
  • It is not mandatory for a brochure to be a pinned booklet. You can design your brochure to stretch linearly to make it open differently
  • You can innovate with insertions as well – like pop-out graphics, CDs, sample products, etc. Pop-outs add a dimension to the interior of your brochure and make it look interesting
  • You can also skip the convention of two-dimensional design and experiment with a 3D model of your brochure. Adding another dimension gives you a whole lot of new options to play with
  • If you wish to keep it simple, go for rounded edges of different shapes of the booklet as a whole. Square edges are overdone, though they may look better for certain designs
  • Using textured leaflets is also an interesting way to make the brochure design interactive and give your brochure a good background
  • Photography and imagery help to communicate the message across the minds of people and leaves a longer lasting impact. Ensure that your brochure has infographics that are well merged with the background
  • Breaking conventions and thinking out-of-the-box are the tricks to leave a mark in the minds of your customers. You can take advantage of die cuts, accent pages or even differential fold schemes to make the brochure look different from the rest
  • Making use of perspective typography gives another visual appeal to your brochure. This allows you to use even a simple statement to gain considerable leverage
  • Keeping the brochure precise and handy is another essential prerequisite before you print it. You can get various templates of creative brochures from designers to help you plan your design better.
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