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“Aussie designers that actually
‘do’ customer service!

Graphic Design Company in Australia


Looking after Aussie small business.

We are a graphic design company, small in stature but big on results. Our principal focus is small business, and trying to help as many Australian small businesses look as good as they possibly can. Unlike many design agencies out there, we are really approachable and will consider every job on it’s merits. There is no waiting days for an email to be answered or having to deal with some designer that has his head up his own butt. We are a straight talking design company with the advancement and progress of your company as our core value.

Everything about what we do is done with conversion in mind. It’s all about attracting new customers, whether it’s handing out impressive looking business cards at a network even, creating an animated explainer that grabs website visitors attention or having an exhibition stand at an event, our principal aim is to help get you new customers, new business and help your Aussie company grow.


Graphic Designer for Small Businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth

So if you are interested in making your brand look as good as you know it can, get in touch with Pixelo. You will be pleasantly surprised by how affordable we are. We are looking to create long lasting relationships with our customers and help you succeed. Owning a small business can be exciting, so let us help you build that momentum and fuel that growth.


Aengus Ryan


Aengus Ryan is a small business owner, designer and has helped over 300 Aussie businesses improve their branding and designs.


“I moved to Sydney from Dublin in 2008. After working in the design field in Sydney for a few years I began to develop the idea that I would like to branch out on my own. During my years of working for various companies I noticed that small businesses often had it tough, getting stuck with the design agency prices set for the big fish. I decided that when I set up, I would try to target the needs specifically of Aussie small businesses.


The business quickly began to grow, with the vast majority of new work coming from referrals, which is always nice. New business owners like to take amongst themselves, so Pixelo quickly got a name for helping new start up’s get branded up, at an eminently affordable price. I wasn’t out to charge the earth, simply a fair price for what these businesses deserved, high quality designs.


These days Pixelo is operating in both Australia and Europe. We have worked on jobs from the mines of WA, florists in SA right across to a new chocolate liquor company in rural Italy and pet farms in the green countryside of Ireland.”

We help Aussie businesses to grow. Here’s how we do it…

We get to know our clients

Behind every Aussie business are the dreams and hopes of the owner. We get to know the people behind the brand

Create continuity across all of your branding

Look great right across the board. Everything your business puts out needs to look consistently awesome.

Attract potential customers

Our designs help consistently attract new business opportunities so you can continue to grow your Aussie brand.

Convert leads to sales

Smash your sales with a high converting website, a killer animated explainer and high rankings in the search engines.

Nurture future growth

Having a sticky at how your sales are tracking helps you learn what parts of the business are doing well and what needs a little TLC.

Establish your brand image

Getting the right look and feel for your business is key. We know just the right steps to creating the look you need.


Let us help to grow your business