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4 Tips for Brochure Designing Consistency

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4 Tips for Brochure Designing Consistency

A well-designed brochure is an important marketing tool adopted by all successful and well-known business houses. Brochures provide a great opportunity and a platform for any business or an organisation to explain to their potential customers about the various products or services that they offer.

A stylish and an informative brochure can bring a good amount of organic traffic to your website. It would even make the wider target audience yearn to know more about a company and its business by asking for additional interaction regarding the organisation and the work it does. An effective and a consistently designed brochure would eventually make people sit up and take notice of the company’s goals and objectives while making it more user-friendly.

Here are four tips for brochure designing consistency:

Prioritise: One must recognise the real purpose of designing a brochure and work accordingly. Prior to designing the brochure, it is essential to know what you want out of the brochure. The reasons could be many. One may want to promote and endorse new products and services or just turnaround the revenue generation from increased sales. At other times, working towards the company’s brand building exercise could also be the reason for redesigning the company’s brochure. One needs to have his or her priorities spelled out clearly before giving the designer a brief so that the designer is able to deliver a well-designed brochure.

Break up large texts: Whenever there are large pieces of text filling up your brochure pages, it is time to break them up into small parts. One can go about doing this by using borders, lines and shaded boxes. One must give the responsibility of designing a well-written brochure to an experienced graphic designer who will know the various techniques of making a text heavy page appear to look pleasing and attractive to the person going through it.

Proofread: In order to make one’s brochure consistent and up to the mark, proofreading forms an important role. One can easily hire a designer to do the proofreading. If, however, it exceeds the budget, then one can proofread oneself though the chances of some misses or errors creeping in will increase. Remember to ensure that the content of the brochure remains consistent throughout before it is given away for printing.

Using the white space optimally: Whenever you check, you will notice that there is more than enough white space on every page of a good brochure. This is an important aspect of brochure design. You should not feel the need to fill every inch of the brochure with text and images. Remember, a cluttered brochure will look unpleasant to the reader. If the size of content is on the higher side, try to edit the text down or add more pages to the brochure. This would make the brochure look more appealing and consistent.

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