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3 Deadly Mistakes Observed in Most Explainer Videos

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3 Deadly Mistakes Observed in Most Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have seen a rise in the past few years. It is now a common practice among companies that offer products or services to have such media files on their website. A good explainer video can generate profitable association with potential clients and make the company gain more customer approvals. Having a good script is one of the major requisites that will help the audience understand your line of services. While most of the companies are doing pretty well with this concept, some of them commit the following mistake that puts their company’s stature and future in danger.

Here is a quick look at the 3 deadly mistakes most explainer videos have:

Length, audibility, and animations

The length of the videos becomes a major drawback at times. For a customer to whom you wish to sell the product, sticking to the one-minute rule is beneficial. However, for the ones who wishes to buy and want more information on the applications and use of the product, an elaborate explainer video works out well. Make sure that the background music is in tune with the explainer’s voice and does not overpower it. Keeping it clear and crisp will help you gain more audience approvals. Avoid unpleasant animations that distract the customers from what is being told. Ensure that the video is properly edited and carries good contrast between the illustrations, foreground, and background to ensure understanding of the context.

Not addressing customer’s problems

One of the deadly mistakes that you may have probably come across in most explainer videos is when the video does not answer the client’s primary questions. A customer who wishes to know how to operate an instrument will not be interested in knowing the product specifications. You must categorise your video into different sections that cater to customer’s needs. A good video must address these grievances and solve the problems. Having a customer-oriented approach helps both the company and the clients.

Not generating a Call-to-Action

Not telling your customers what to do next will make them lose track and move on to other videos. Generating a call-to-action in terms of subscription, product sale or engaging in relations will help a great deal to generate leads out of customer views. The explainer videos must not aim to sell the product but assure the audience on how to use the item. They must be told subtly that buying the product will provide them with best-in-class services and how they can benefit from the item.

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