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Creative Logo & Brochure Designs in Australia

Custom Marketing Materials for Small Businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Beyond


Pixelo Design offer the best graphic design services in Sydney as well as in other major cities in Australia We deal with new start-ups, small companies and corporates, helping them in looking as good as possible. Our aim is to provide world class graphic design services at a price small companies can afford.

It is not ok in our book to look cheap and nasty, just because you have a small budget. We are here to help make sure your company looks great. We have experience spanning Ireland, UK, America, Italy and Australian markets and are certain to have the expert knowledge your business needs to satisfy its graphic design needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for an initial logo design in Sydney, or to promote your company with brochure design, branded stationery or any of the other means we have of getting you noticed, we have the skillset to make your company stand out from the crowd.

We specialise in brochure design Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and every major city and town all across Australia. We have created work for giants such as BHP all the way down to your brand-new start up working from home, whatever your design needs are, we have you covered. Brochure design Sydney and all major cities is just one of our specialities.

Explainer videos Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and even Woop Woop is a big part of what we do. We make engaging, affordable and high converting animations to help explain what your business does and why prospective clients should choose you. Animations can be a great way to greatly increase the conversion rate on your website. The ultimate aim of every website should be to initiate a reaction, whether it’s to buy something, or get in touch. Our videos help convince would be clients and persuade them to take that vital action and get in touch, thereby increasing your sites effectiveness and improving its conversion rate.

Having a great logo is pivotal in standing out from other Aussie businesses. We create unique designs to help out clients grow.

Every Aussie business deserves the chance to shine and with a Pixelo brochure, you get just that - at a price you can actually afford.

From flyers, pull up banners, stationery, you name it, we cover all aspects of design for your Aussie business.

We supply some of Australia's largest Radio and TV stations with large format exhibition stands.

With more and more Aussie companies online, you need to make sure that you not only look good, but can convert to sales.

Not only does your branding need to look good, but it needs to look consistently good across everything you put out.

Grab the attention of those site visitors with one of our Animated Explainers. Convert visitors to customers.

Business cards come in a myriad of shapes & sizes and can leave as much of an impression as you like them to.



We are not some big faceless design firm. We build intimate relationships with our clients, learning what works best for their brand way of doing business.


The design side of things is great, but we aren't shy to make suggestions if we think there are other aspects of your marketing we think could be improved.


We want to make sure our customers keep coming back for more, so we ensure that everything we do is awesome, from customer service right up to the designs we put out each and every day.



Many small-medium Aussie businesses find the process of growing their business a tricky one. Our business growth checklist points out some quick and easy steps you can use to keep your business on track and progressively building.



We’re just like you

Pixelo Design – Best Graphic Design Services in Australia

Graphic design agencies typically have this ultra cool, kind of unapproachable vibe to them that really put some customers off, like the cool kid in school you were always too nervous to talk to. Well, Pixelo want to do away with all of that nonsense.

We are a simple, get it done kind of a design company. You tell us what you want, we add in a bit of our magic and we make your company look great. Nothing mysterious or too cool for school about it. We want what you want, for your business to grow and flourish. So if you are looking for great designs and a price your company can well afford (without all the cool kid rubbish) why not get in touch with us

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We serve the following locations:
Ireland: Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Limerick
Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
UK: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow

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